Tea Leaf Reading

Okay, so the gypsy-style caravan is one thing, but Tea Leaf Reading?

I have decided to add the long practiced art of Tea Leaf Reading to the magical experience of Lady Bonin. Why? Because tea leaves are awesome, and I’m a roaming classy (just saying) gypsy. It wouldn’t be right without it!

Tea Leaf reading, or Tasseography, has been around for hundreds of years in a lot of cultures from Europe to the Middle East and even Asia. Traditionally practiced by the women of the household, of course, its roots are cultural, mystical and insanely interesting!

The way I conduct tea leaf readings, a sometimes messy business, is this: I give the tea drinker loose-leaf tea in an appropriate tea cup (white or patternless, wide and lacking in curves) and ask them to drink the tea with their question in mind. When they have had a relaxing cup of tea they bring the cup to me with a sip of water among the remaining tea leaves. They then flip the cup onto the saucer with their left hand and turn the cup 3 x anti-clockwise again with the left hand. When this is done, the cup is turned back over. I then get the drinker to identify the images themselves. I interpret the images based on traditional classifications, the position of the images in the cup, the way they relate to each other as well as intuition.

I can say I have had such great success thus far! This weekend I read almost 30 peoples tea leaves. Peoples reactions are positive and everyone loves the experience. It is a lot of fun!

As much as I feel there is divination in the art, a lot is related to the drinkers subconscious. Kind of like interpreting dreams.

So next time you have a cup of tea, use loose-leaf and email me a picture of the cup along with the images you have identified and I will email you back an interpretation! ladybonin@gmail.com

Tea-love and light

Jess x